Baskin Champion is a model hailing from Alabama, who represented her home for Miss Teen USA. Like many of us who R0AM, she wants to be comfortable and fashionable while traveling between work and back home to her roots.

R0AM: How do you R0AM?

BASKIN: I travel and I love it!

R: Where is your favorite place to ROAM?

B: Lake Martin, where I grew up and Australia!

R: What is your favorite ROAM sandal?

B: Cloud and Street!

R: What is your favorite ROAM look?

B: I like to wear R0AM with sweatpants, shocker!



Today we’re featuring the wonderful Teresa Hebert Koral. She is a mother of four, a new grandmother of two, fashion by trade; boutique owner, stylist, merchandiser, mentor, founding member of Show Me Your Mumu & KORAL as well as a passionate Alzheimer’s advocate in memory of her father.

R0AM: How do you R0AM?

Teresa: I R0AM when I am near the ocean, at home with friends & family, strolling with my new granddaughters.

R: Where is your favorite place to R0AM?

T: Everywhere, everyday. It is the shoe my feet crave every morning and the last shoe I put on at night.

R: What is your favorite R0AM sandal?

T: The Cabin Sandal in Charcoal.

R: What is your favorite R0AM look?

T: Sandrine Rose Jeans, Show Me Your Mumu top and Bonnie Young Sweater.


Cristina Grajales

Cristina Grajales



Cristina Grajales Gallery is one of the most distinguished design galleries in the world specializing in masterpieces of the twentieth-century and cultivating future luminaries of the twenty-first century.

Cristina is not only a visionary tastemaker and trendsetter but has established herself as one of the forerunners in the design world. Her gallery specializes in contemporary design while also dealing in masterpieces of the twentieth century. She focuses on cultivating the work of emerging contemporary designers who work in a variety of areas within the larger field of design: furniture and lighting, as well as ceramic, metal, and textile design. Their work constantly pushes, blurs, and in some cases erases the line between art and design. 

R0AM: How do you ROAM? 

CRISTINA: I use my ROAMS all the time. They are part of my life. 

R: Where is your favorite place to ROAM? 

C: I use my ROAMS when I travel, the first thing I pack are my ROAMS. From Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, the US, Miami, SF, LA, Austin, Savannah. All over. 

R: What is your favorite ROAM sandal? 

C: The black criss cross. 

R: What is your favorite ROAM look? 

C: I used my ROAMS with a beautiful long dress for the gala of the Brooklyn Museum, I have used them for openings of Art Fairs with my elegant casual look. Basically, I use them from galas to art openings, to cocktails or just with jeans.