ROAM started with a need and notice of a void in the market for an exceptionally made, supportive, cool and fashionable shoe.
Being a lifelong avid athlete, sport adventurer, and ROAMER - I have always enjoyed a versatile and very active life. I raised my daughter this same way. I also have had the great privilege of owning a fashion company that has continued to help build some of the most significant brands in the contemporary and young designer market . I always searched for a cool comfortable, affordable fashion shoe that could be versatile  and would take me from a yoga or boxing class to work or a meeting, walking my dog to dropping my daughter off, or getting off the mountains from a hike or climb and going to dinner, or at the beach in Hawaii after a surf or hike and grabbing a healthy snack.
I wanted a far reach - something I could rock in NY, LA, Hawaii, Tokyo, Africa, Paris....around the world ...socks in the winter, with sweats or a dress.....couldn't find one for years...so decided to create them ! I also am blessed to know so many dynamic amazing women that live totally dimensional lives and wanted to be part of a solution for them! 
I also loved the challenge of creating and learning from soup to nuts making and building from scratch..
Despite having a very clear vision for what I wanted, getting them made was and truly continues to be a feat as they seem like such a simple shoe but there are so many thoughtful components from the custom molded footbed, to the shoes being wrapped in neoprene to memory foam being used in the uppers that really mold to your feet and make them extra comfy. We also search for the best quality materials to use. So, despite being casual they are very elevated....luxury after all is in the details...
Like all new babies it has been tons of work - mostly at night and weekends as to not interfere with amazing HATCh and the ever expanding and growing beautiful organism of a business that is for over 15 years and continues to be. 
We worked and worked to get it to a point of complete confidence in how well made our products are and here we are today. 
We are a very small family team so your support truly means a lot. We are very grateful for your genuine love and stoke for this brand of ours that we believe in so deeply.
We have a deep in our bones passion for making a phenomenal product, not making a ton of profit (to be honest) and doing good along the way....