How we Serve

The ROAM foundation was created to take as many kids as possible outside in nature......
i believe so deeply in the power of nature...
So much of critical thinking is created in nature as when you are out there you are not in control. 
You can be prepared but never in control 
You have to focus to stay healthy and not get injured
There is no internet, no checking instagram, emails, or getting phone calls. 
The honest and truthful beauty of nature sweeps you away on such a supreme and grand level 
and humbles you down to your knees....
When you are  in the ocean or on a mountain that has existed before time could be measured you get really real with yourself.
You see how fleeting it all is and impermanent we all are...and being self important serves noone .
In fact, it makes you realize how little time we all do have and for me at least, always has been a prompter of wanting to be of service and be as much of a positive force in every way that I can.
Although being a young brand - we have already taken 75 3rd graders from an East LA elementary school out in nature. We led them on a hike with our dear friend John DeGrazio - owner of one of the best outfitters in Yosemite, YEXPLORE.  95% of the children had never been on a hike before. 
We hope soon this number will grow to the thousands...nothing would make us happier. 
So that is why we will always ROAM strong and ROAM when noone is watching, (working away) so we can be a positive proponent for as many kids as possible to ROAM far.
thank you for buying a pair X
with sincerest and deepest gratitude