"I first discovered ROAM while pregnant and their footwear was a game changer for me! I quickly became obsessed due to the comfort it provided, but also loved all the looks and styles. All of that paired with their amazing customer service will keep me ROAMING with them for life!"

- Nicole Niewiarowski

"If you could only see my ROAM collection! I am a proud owner of 4 pairs of the most comfortable and ‘hip' slides. These sandals are beautifully designed and made to fit to perfection, for ANY occasion whether you are in a pair of boyfriend jeans, sweats or skirts, hanging poolside or shopping in the city! Every girl must have at least one pair in their closet. Go buy one now. You will enjoy its comfort!"

- Asha Randall

"I first want to say that finding Roam has been a game changer in my life. I have been having issues with foot pain for over 10 years now. When I visited the podiatrist and he told me my choices were to have surgery or wear orthotic insoles or shoes for the rest of my life in order to be pain free, I broke out in tears. I was devastated. The pain shows up mostly when I am in flat shoes with no arch support, so a cute summer sandal or slide where I was not able to put in my insoles were out of the question until I found Roam! For the first time in my life I have been able to wear a flat super stylish shoe with absolutely no pain. I honestly want to wear wear my Roams 24/7. I feel chic , cool and most importantly comfortable. I am so grateful to have found this amazing line of footwear."

- Ali Landry

I'm obsessed with your slippers. I purchased my first pair during COVID when I wasn't leaving the house. Since then I've purchased 8 more. 😂😂😂. And I still have my eye on a few more. I wear them everywhere. To the grocery store. The beach. Out to lunch. And with everything. I don't even want to wear "tel shoes" anymore.

- Hayley Hobson

"I absolutely love your product. Your funky chic style paired with great comfort and stability make a great slide. I also love the traction on the bottom. Perfect for "ROAMING" Indoors and out. I've shared your brand with a lot of people I love."

-Rachel MacDonalds

"My ROAM shoes love the mountains of Colorado. I own all the cloud slippers and all the sandals. Comfy, cool and just plain awesome."

Heidie W., Aspen CO.

"I wear my R0AMs everywhere and when I say, everywhere, I mean it - To work, to the beach on my way to surf, to pick up matcha in the morning, to go dancing at night. They are incomparable. So cute, so comfy, (easy to clean), and just perfect. I quite literally R0AM through life with them! "

-Eden Naftali

"I am a beloved owner of now 3 styles of ROAM shoes - the original Roam puffy, the Foldy puffy and the Cloud slippers in faux fur. They are not only the most comfortable slides, they are chic and versatile; I can wear them with a skirt or dress just as easily as I can wear them to the beach. And, I get compliments whenever I wear them. My biggest problem is that I want every color :) I also gave my mother a pair when she was having foot surgery - she told me they were the most comfortable shoe she had found in years. So I gave her a second pair..."

Liz Radler Souza