We have taken a lot of time developing our construction of ROAM shoes. We use some of the finest materials and wherever we can close the gap on being mindful of less harm on our earth we are....
We have created custom molded footbeds that are pillowy soft and also completely support your feet - you can ROAM around the world without your feet  getting tired or hurting.
Midsoles are wrapped in neoprene for wicking and breathability - even on the sunniest days - keeping your feet cool.
Recycled tread is used on both our gutsy fashion tread and flex sole tread.
We have figured out a way to add memory foam to our uppers which is not an easy feat and this allows our shoes to mold and form to your feet - truly creating a hug for your feet. 
we have learned much about sustainability and being certified 
we are proud to partner with repreve in making our backpacks 
and creating a certified recycled foldable box for shipping our shoes - this takes up less space, can be unfolded for ease of recycling
we also use certified recycled tissue paper
soy printing 
we will never say we are a completely sustainable brand as we know what that means to really be one on every level and be completely traceable and certified
but wherever we can close the gap we are ....